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Group Day Ticket

The Group Day Ticket is valid for up to 5 adults aged 15 years and older for an unlimited number of trips within the selceted area of validity. The ticket is valid until 6 am the following day. The Group Day Ticket for three days is valid on three consecutive days until 6 am on the fourth day. Information: Two children between the age of 6 and 14 count as one adult. During school trips students count as children including grade 9.

Note: Due to a new tariff structure, there is no advance sale of tickets with a validity start beyond December 14th 2019 at the moment. Tickets valid from December 15th 2019 or later can only be purchased from that day on.

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Please select whether the ticket is for you or for another person. The name of fellow travellers does not have to be on the ticket. The ticket is only valid in combination with an official photo identification.

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